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How to Upload Photos and Video to Facebook with your Mobile Phone

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Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook with your Mobile Phone

It is very easy to upload photos and videos from your mobile phone to Facebook.

As long as your phone can take photos and you can send email, it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have.

To set this up login to your Facebook account, then click on Settings –> Account Settings,

account settings

Click on the Mobile tab, then Facebook Mobile,

facebook mobile

You will see a randomly generated email address that Facebook has provided you, to be able to upload photos and video from your mobile phone.

This is your private email address unique to your account and shouldn’t be shared with anyone.. unless you want them to be able to upload photos to your account,

FB email address

It is a good idea to save this email address in your contacts list. To have this emailed to you click on Send my upload email to me now,

When you receive this email make sure that you add this unique email address to your contact list. This way it is stored and easily accessible for when you want to uploads pictures and videos,

add to contacts

Upload Photos

To upload a photo to Facebook.. take a photo, or choose an existing photo with your mobile phone’s camera,


Depending on your phone you should do one of the following,

  • go to the photo, then select email photo.. or
  • bring up your email, then attach the photo


Now send this email to the email address you obtained earlier from Facebook.

The email subject will be used as the caption of your photo,

send email

Now head back to Facebook and go to your Photos,

You will see a new album called Mobile Uploads with the photo you just emailed,

mobile uploads


Any photos you take on your mobile phone and emailed to Facebook will now appear in this album.

Upload Videos

To be able to upload video to Facebook with your mobile phone.. your phone needs a video camera.. and you need to be able to attach (and send) videos via email.

Uploading videos is pretty much the same process as with photos,

  1. Take a video (or choose an existing video) on your phone
  2. Attach the video to an email – the email subject will be used as the caption for the video
  3. Send it to your unique Facebook email address obtained earlier

This video will be displayed in your lifestream and in your profile,

uploaded video

Done! You can now upload photos and videos to Facebook with your mobile phone.

iPhone Facebook Application

There is also an official free iPhone Facebook application that allows you to upload photos as well.. which you will need  to download from the Apple App Store.

(At the time of writing there is no video upload functionality)

Tap on the Facebook icon,

facebook icon

Next select the camera icon,

camera icon

Select Take Photo (or choose an existing one),

take photo

Click on Use,


Click on Write a Caption,

write a caption

Write a caption, then click on  ,


Click on Upload,


Your photo will now appear in your Mobile Uploads folder in Facebook,

Happy uploading!


 via thesocialmediaguide.com.au

My friend and her family are about to leave on an overseas trip and she asked me how to upload her trip photos to Facebook while she is on the road, so her friends and family back home can keep up with their travels. I found this very informative post from The Social Media Guide website (a very informative site) which simply explains the step-by-step instructions to uploading photos and video to your iPhone (or from any smartphone).
Hope this helps!

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